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Photography by Nele Van Canneyt

Exhibition at Bernice 16-26 May 2019

Art at RSZ

De Tank

Tuymans for sale

Photography for the good cause

Bernice supporting TeGek! during "de warmste week"

Art rental, what does it cost?

Try out an artwork before buying it and pay a yearly rental fee

Bernice and Ulule's Pitch Pitch Night in Antwerp

Bernice as a member of the jury panel for crowdfunding projects

Boost your art idea

Ulele is one of the world's crowdfunding platforms. Come and pitch your idea!

Making your art instagramable

Artist talkin' business - Marjolein LabeeĆ»

When a piece of art is rented by one of our business or private clients, the artists receive a fee. Marjolein labeeĆ» is happy to share how the money is used.

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