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A doctor’s practice with art and the beneficial effects of art in healthcare

This private medical facility in the city of Sint-Niklaas (BE) in which several medical doctors receive and treat their patients has a heart for the patient and for art.

For more than 7 years different collections of paintings and wallsculptures have been installed at the reception desk, in the waiting rooms and in the doctor’s private cabinets.

In 2009, a scottish study concluded that paintings in a doctor’s waiting room might contribute positively to the patients experience. A comfortable chair, art, magazines and some music in the background makes this practice a nice place to wait for the appointment.

A link to the study about the beneficial effects of art in healthcare

Art can bring the patient’s mind at ease and offers a positive distraction. The paintings are carefully chosen by the doctors and their staff and Bernice offers help where needed. By handing out extra information about the artist and explaining his/her work, difficult subjects or harmfull theme’s are avoided.

After installing every piece neatly, we finished this project by putting up a nameplats next to the work of art.