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Bernice for artists

Bernice represents a network of talented artists who work in a wide range of styles and mediums. Interested in joining us?

Curated content

We regularly post artist related news in our Stories section. Articles about how to promote your practice, installation tricks and other helpful tips. Find them by using the filter and enjoy tailored content for you.

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Artist programming

Bernice brings art to business and private clients. Works by our artists are shown in various collections rented by multinationals, small businesses, governmental institutions, healthcare organisations and private residencies. Promoting the artist and install their work in our client’s premises is what makes us happy.

If you would like to apply for our collection, please send us your portfolio or a link to your website. With great attention we will review your work. We always plan a studiovisit if we think your work makes a valuable addition to our collection.


Art is everywhere around us. Ranging from field trips and studio visits to art fairs and exhibition openings, here we’ll keep track of events happening.