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Below is a list of common questions we get asked, grouped by topics. Contact us for info and free art advice.


What is Bernice?

Bernice is an art rental and gallery for business and private customers and governmental institutions. Works of art can be purchased, rented and leased. Bernice provides advice to her customers in selecting the right artwork for every space according to budget and taste.

How much does it cost to rent a work of art?

The purchase price and rental price per year of each artwork is listed on this website. Please note that these prices are exclusive the 21% VAT.

What does the rental price include?

The rental price for an artwork per year includes transportation, installation, insurance per artwork and a fee for the artist.

Does Bernice have a saving program when renting an artwork?

No, you do not save up any balance when you rent an artwork.

Can I rent my favorite artwork as long as I want?

All works of art can be rented for as long as needed. You do not have to change your artcollection after the agreed rental period, your collection can be extended for as long as necessary.

Is there a minimum amount or minimum purchase required to rent art at Bernice?

We do not require a minimum amount in case of renting art. There is also no minimum amount to start renting. We do this to keep the rental of an artwork as accessible as possible for everyone.

Is every artwork for sale?

Each work of art on our website is immediately for sale without a rental obligation. Purchasing the rented work is also possible during or after the rental period.

Can I come and see an artwork live at Bernice’s?

You certainly can. But only if the specific work is not rented to another customer. It is best to make an appointment via our contact page. We will make sure that the artwork of your dreams is waiting for you in our offices.

I want to rent a work of art but the status is “currently not available”. What should I do?

Give us a call and we will find out when the rental for this work expires. If you wish, we can put it aside it for you upon its return in our collection.

Can I buy the artwork I am currently renting?

As long as you are renting an artwork, you have the first choice of buying the work.

I would like to change my art collection. How does this work?

When the pre-agreed rental period has ended, you can exchange your rented artworks into new ones. You can choose your new favourite works on our website. Would you like some additional advice? No problem, we are happy to make you a new proposal with some alternative works of art.

How do I take care of an artwork?

An artwork usually has a permanent place on the wall. If the work of art should be transported, for example due to a move, we ask you to contact us. We can then discuss the possibilities. This is also stated in the rental agreement that we will conclude.

Are the works of art that I rent insured?

Each work of art is all-risk insured. We do expect you to handle the works of art with care, as contractually agreed with each client. If it is established in the event of damage that this was not the case, the damage to the work of art will be invoiced to the client. In the event of damage, it is important that you contact us within 24 hours so that we can come and inspect the damage on site.


I am an artist, how can I get in touch?

You can reach us by phone or email, contact details can be found here

How are artists selected?

We select works of art very carefully and with the customer in mind. Therefore we also select our artists with care. If you are interested in lending us your artworks, we recommend you send us your portfolio by email. Or send us an email with a link to your website or your artist instagram page. Based on these images we will decide on planning a studio visit.

What does Bernice do to promote artists and their work?

Once an artist is added to our collection, we bring the art to our customers. By telling the stories behind the work and explaining the motives of the artist, we try to enthuse the customer for something new. A short description of the oeuvre of the selected artist is always left with the customer, and nameplates are hung at the customers’ premises free of charge and on request.

Newly added works are placed on our website as soon as possible and we focus on the new artist our social media channels. The introduction of a new artist in our collection is also distributed in an email newsletter.

How does the rental fee support the artist?

When a work of art goes into rental, the artist receives a compensation. We believe this is an important part of our business and try to introduce as many artists as possible to our clients. The rental fee artists receive is often used to pay for materials and studio space.

I am an artist in the Bernice collection and want to end the collaboration. What should I do?

As an artist, you can always collect your work, as long as they are not rented at that time. Collecting your available works at our offices in Temse is possible after a call in advance. There is plenty of parking space in front of our building.

Delivery & Installation

Where do you deliver?

Bernice delivers free of charge in Belgium. For the surrounding countries a transport cost will be calculated based on the location. Through a good partnership with an international art transport company, the delivery of an artwork anywhere in the world can be arranged. The cost of it depends on the location.

How are the artworks installed?

For renting or purchasing an artwork at Bernice, transport and installation in Belgium is included in the price. Bernice has its own installation service for impeccable placement of your artwork. We also install professional hanging rails.

Paintings, framed graphic works or photography are usually hung on the wall. To do this, we always drill a screw into the wall. We prefer not to work with double-sided tape, power strips or self-adhesive hooks. These are insufficiant and can cause damage to our precious artworks.

When do you install an art collection?

An installation of a rented or purchased collection is usually done during office hours, from Monday to Friday between 9-17h. On request, we can also come and install your artworks at other times.

Other questions?

Please contact us, we will do our utmost to answer your questions within 2 working days.