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How it works

Getting artworks installed in your premises is easy as 1, 2, 3 … make it happen!

Rent art for your office

Are you a multinational, a small business or a private practice? According to your budget and taste Bernice makes you a tailored art rental offer.  With images and pricing details we propose to you the perfect art for your office spaces. Bernice takes care of transportation and installation of the artworks. The collection is fully insured and you can change the collection once a year. Minimal rental term is one year.

Art rental is 100% tax deductible for businesses.

Art at home

For renting a small art collection (1, 2 or 3 pieces), Bernice welcomes you to the office in Temse to discuss art for your home.

Bring pictures of your empty wall and we’ll make a tailored offer with pricing details and art for your private spaces all according to your budget and preferences. After signing our terms and conditions you can take your piece home (safely wrapped) and off course we provide you with clear installation instructions. Your rental collection is fully insured. Minimal rental term is 1 year.

You want to buy art? We make it happen, all artworks are for sale.

Art lease

Bernice offers an art lease service to business clients. Leasing an artwork is an alternative solution to buying your favorite piece and is a cost effective option for businesses. Artlease optimises your taxes and allows you to spread the cost of your art purchase. Artlease starts off with a signed agreement between Bernice and the client and runs over a limited and agreed timeframe. A meeting is set-up between Bernice and the client to agree on terms and conditions, duration of the agreement, leasefees and final purchase fee of the artwork.

Art advisory

Bernice acts as art consultant to corporations and individuals when it comes to maintaining a corporate art collection or purchasing art. All within your budget and matching your preferences. Our team of art professionals helps you to develop your strategy for art management fitting the corporate values and branding. We offer collection management and installation services for clients with large proprietary collections.