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Art rental for offices in 5 steps

Upon stepping into a contemporary office environment, the look and feel of the space should send out a message.  From visually pleasing interior designs to innovative spaces, well-lit rooms, and impactful zones, forward-thinking companies use art to elevate their surroundings. Art rental allows you to spread your company’s unique blend of character and professionalism effectively.

In these 5 steps Bernice makes it easy to start renting an art collection for your office. We’re happy to show you some of our best practices.

Image: Art by Dupani for an industrial packaging developer in Brussels

1. Put your business first

Take your time to distill the essence of your company. The chosen artwork for your space should resonate with the culture, the employee values and foundational elements.

The versatility of art in the Bernice rental collection provides numerous avenues for exploration. Thinking geographically and picking art made in your company’s area, for instance, opens up plenty diverse options. By directing your focus towards artists from your city or town, you immediately weave a compelling narrative, irrespective of the specific themes depicted in the chosen artwork.

image: photography by Marnix Krekels for a notary’s office in Aalst (BE)

2. Make up a schedule

Bernice can arrange an art rental within 2 weeks. At first we make an appointment and visit your premises in order to provide you with a detailed proposal. If the company’s homework is made as stated in step #1, things can go really quickly. Though you should give it a good thought and encourage your colleagues to engage in this art matter. This brings us to the next step …


Image: Paintings from the series “I wish I were Italian” by Thomas Dielman for a pharmaceutical company in Antwerp

3. Form a small art committee

While involving all employees is crucial, we strongly suggest designating a committee consisting of 2-3 individuals to streamline the process. Sending out a survey to all employees to gather feedback on the preferred art choices ensures their involvement in steering the discussion without making the process overly complex and challenging to navigate. Bernice can provide an online art poll to facilitate this process.

With inputs from your brand-related activities, employee feedback, and the guidance provided by the steering committee, you are on the verge of successfully incorporating art into your office space.

Image: Painting by Lisa Spillebeen for the boardroom of an international lawyers firm in Brussels.

4. Explore alternatives

While we encourage clients to explore alternative options, Bernice takes pride in affirming that our company stands out by offering one of the best services in the industry. Off course numerous options are available when considering art for your company, and the choice boils down to factors such as value, cost, service, marketing benefits, and other intangibles.

Diverse companies offer various artistic preferences, ranging from cheap and accessible fine art posters to the more aesthetic experience. Bernice provides a high standard Belgian art collection aligning with a charitable mission. All our clients become the chosen artist’s sponsor. An important share of the rental fee goes directly to the artist.


Image: Left: painting by Patrick Vertenten for an office in Beveren – Right: painting by Bart Daems for a bank in Brussels

5. Enjoy your art

After finalizing your decision and having your art installed, mobilize your company to unite around the art in your space and the narrative woven around your company’s vision, mission, growth, and community role.

You could organize an art opening coupled with a cocktail hour, extending invitations to your clients and partners. Bernice is experienced in helping you communicating about your new collection. Transforming your office into a chic gathering space for your network is a classy approach to maximizing the value of a physical location.