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Art rental for an expat home in Brussels

An expat family recently made a big move from the USA to Brussels. To make their place a home, we helped them out by hanging stylish art of their choice in their new flat.

An new place to call home

Expats and diplomats may have to move frequently, they relocate for work and build a life elsewhere.

So was this US family. They moved from their home in Northern America to Brussels a few months ago. They wanted to make the new space their own and add a personal touch that reminds them of their home country.  Bernice helped to add stylish pieces of art to their temporary home.

The decor was kept minimal with furniture pieces in neutral colors grey, white and black. These colors are versatile and easy to decorate around and help to create a calming and comfortable space.

(Image under: painting by Mark Boekaert)

Choosing local artists

We discuss the client’s artistic preferences and provide them with a tailored art rental proposal. A photoshop presentation makes the selection process easy and not very time-consuming. The client goes for calming paintings in a soft color palette, some wall sculptures add texture to the white concrete walls.

In the image under, the living space gets a large and striking painting by Hans Bruyneel. The green colors in the canvas are a perfect match with the plants that will fill the apartment in a later phase.

(Image below: Hans Bruyneel – Nothing is safe except for an hour – Oil on canvas)

A bespoke artwork for every room

In a teenager’s room we suggest two silkscreen prints by Nicolas Ory. The fluorescent colors and optical effect of these serial works give the room a trendy look, a place to meet or chat with friends.

A wall sculpture embossed in wood with bright blue color and gold accents visually draws attention to a new area of the flat. This sculpture by Magda Dalek was attached with special screws in the gyproc wall.

Finally, “Ziener” by Matthieu Lobelle is given a place in the living space. At the eye level of the residents, we install 2 versions of this stylish artwork, a man and a woman, on opposite walls. The dialogue between these plaster figures completes the collection.