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3 office trends after the pandemic and how art works in the workplace

After the pandemic, the workplace has undergone a real transformation. Now that we are spending more time in the office again, let’s take a moment to reflect on this changing work environment.

Maybe you have noticed the changes in your office very clearly, or maybe they have quietly entered your company. We notice a clear turnaround in the officedesign of our own clients. We see a table football game in a relaxation room, a cosy sitting area with a machine for delicious coffees, homemade biscuits in the meeting rooms, healthy snacks in the fridge, a reception desk with warm materials, etc.
Creative solutions for easy switching between home office and workplace are being sought in abundance by office designers. Offices are given a homely feel and at home you create your own workplace. Art is given a prominent place here, both in the office and at home.

Trend 1: working undisturbed in pleasant surroundings

The biggest turnaround is in the use of space. Admittedly, a landscape office where many busy bees work together is not an advantage for everyone. The buzz, the laughter, the silences but also the many empty workstations (due to the homeworkers) do not make it easy to make the office an attractive place today. Besides, the work-at-home rule that many companies still apply makes fewer workstations necessary. A small silent space for a quiet phone call or a meeting place for smaller groups is regaining popularity. There are fewer shared spaces and they are becoming smaller, cosier and you can retreat there undisturbed from the hustle and bustle.

Instead of opting for oversized meeting tables, people prefer lounge space and being able to walk around the meeting-room. The artworks in these spaces should not be too serious, and even portraits, a more difficult type of art, are given their place here. A good example of this is a cheerful painting by our only street artist Koerie that currently is coloring up a relaxation area with darts board and playstation in a Brussels consulting office.

Trend 2: Connection with nature and focus on sustainability

Wood and natural materials are making their way into every refurbished office today. Wood, bamboo and fabrics made of natural fibres create a warm atmosphere in the office. Recycled materials and the use of second-hand office furniture bring sustainable awareness into the business world. Green roofs, moss walls and plants, LED lighting, energy-efficient working … everyone is working on it.

Renting art and avoiding buying unnecessary office decoration is therefore fully in line with sustainability. We establish links with the outdoors by choosing artworks in green tones and a reference to landscapes or fauna and flora themed artworks. In our extensive art collection, you will find artworks made on reclaimed materials. Art brings a finishing touch to your office in a sustainable way.

Trend 3. Soft colours

After years of grey fitted carpets and chilly white walls, some colour may return to the office. Natural colours such as ochre, terracotta and warm beige create a homely atmosphere and an accent wall in olive green encourages a relaxed feeling. Light colours in different shades or a dark shade throughout the room create peace and calm. Office furniture and flooring that are the same shade of the walls (Monochromism) is the trend for 2023. One colour is used to its fullest here.

It is not difficult to find the right painting within this natural colour spectrum. A brightly coloured artwork will attract all attention and is therefore ideal for making a statement as a company. A softly coloured canvas will contribute to the calm atmosphere in the office without becoming invisible.

Would you like to add art to your new office walls? Get in touch and we’ll make it happen.