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Requirements for artists to get their work in a gallery collection

As an art rental, Bernice partly functions as a gallery too. Weekly we get requests from artists to have their work included in our collection. Here are some general guidelines that can be helpful to get your work in an art gallery collection.

Studio: Katrin De Koninck

Quality of Work:

The artwork should demonstrate exceptional technical skill and creativity. The gallery will evaluate the overall aesthetic appeal of the artwork, as well as the artist’s ability to convey meaning and emotion through their work.


The artist should have a consistent body of work that showcases their unique style and vision. This means that the artwork should be recognizably theirs, and the style should not be copied from others or widely spread.


The artist should present themselves in a professional manner when dealing with gallery staff. This includes prompt communication, meeting deadlines, and following through on commitments.

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Studiovisit: Massam


The artist should have a record of success, such as prior exhibitions or sales. This shows that their work has been validated by the art community and that they are serious about their career as an artist.


The artist should have a strong marketing strategy to promote their work. This includes having a website or online portfolio, a social media presence, and the ability to engage with potential buyers.


The artist’s work should fit with the gallery’s overall aesthetic and mission. The gallery may have a specific focus, such as contemporary art or figurative painting, and the artist’s work should align with that focus.


It’s important to note that each gallery may have different requirements and criteria for selecting artists to represent. Feel free to get in touch with us and check if your work fits the Bernice collection. Send a mail with your portfolio or website to


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