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Meet the client: Walls Real Estate Agents

We are delighted to introduce our client, Walls Real Estate Agents, to the Bernice community and are happy to share some images of the artworks installed in the office spaces.

Walls is a team of young real estate experts, working in a stylish office in the Southern area in the city of Antwerp. Because of a recent refurbishment of their offices, the interior designers of Satho Living consulted our art collection in order to bring a finishing and “arty” touch to the Walls workplace.


Open office spaces and rooms divided by glass panels required our expertise in picking out the best artworks. We managed to create a visual harmony throughout the office and placed abstract and literal paintings in meeting rooms and some private offices.  Bernice art handlers perfectly installed every piece and additional information about the chosen artists was handed over to the Walls team.

Art by Leo Jacobs, Matthieu Claus, Stef De Brabander and Bart Daems

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