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Arnaud Gsell

Painter, ° 1970

Lives and works in Nivelles (BE)

The work of Arnaud Gsell in our collection are pieces from the GHIJK and the Pour-down series. Both series are colorful with surprising color combinations, something that completely characterizes his style.
“Pour-Down” paintings are the result of a change in the working method he used for his “Up-Down” paintings. The latter were built up by allowing a constant flow of paint in different colors and thicknesses to flow downwards in a controlled manner from the top of the canvas, layers of paint were guided by the artist.

The process of the “Pour-Down” paintings is different because the paint has been allowed to make its way at the top and completely run off at the bottom; the remains of the drops at the bottom of the work prove this – they are a crucial part of the painting.
Gravity does its job and takes its time. Sometimes there are no remnants of drops, the determination of the perfect amount of paint, that is what the artist is all about.