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Anne-Lea Van Hoof

Painter, ° 1949

Lives and works in Brussels

Fifteen years ago, AnnLea Van Hoof, dissatisfied with her painting, questioned herself completely and found in Félix Hannaert’s studio the context that would allow her to undertake new experiments and rethink the content of her painting. This maturation led her to abandon figuration to try first a pictorial language where the instinctive gesture prevailed. She translates it in energy, refusal, violence, fragility or meditation and inscribing itself in a space sometimes bright, sometimes dark that one could name “romantic”.
The questioning of space – how to translate infinity onto a finite surface – then becomes her concern, quickly joined by a haunting questioning of time. Far from any representative intention, AnnLea’s recent work is the expression of the gesture repeated almost identical, and of the certainty that it can be infinite in time as in space.

AnnLea paints mainly in acrylics on canvas or paper. Collage is also involved in her latest works entitled “slices of cities”.


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