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A mural by Koerie

Artwork coloring up a warehouse wall

Koerie is a Belgian street artist who recently returned to Belgium after living in the USA with his family for several years. His paintings, large and small, are part of Bernice rental collection and are rented for office and homes. Koerie’s figurative style is positive, colorful and energetic. The strange creatures coming out of the imagination of the artist are playing the leading role in the drawn tales and stories he creates on canvasses or in his murals.

Murals are paintings made directly on a wall. Offices, warehouses or stores and even waiting rooms can benefit from an original work of art. It instantly inspires visitors, co-workers, shoppers or patients and brings a vibrant atmosphere into your spaces.

Bernice brings companies and artists together to discuss art at the workplace. In the case of a mural a bespoke sketch is being made by the artist. Ideas, central theme’s and personal requests by the client are taken into account. Depending on the details of the mural and the scale of the project we make a tailored price offer. Integrating a mural in your business premises is 100% tax deductible.