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Thomas Dielman

painter, ° 1977

Lives and works in Brussels.

The paintings in our collection by Thomas Dielman are a part of his recent series “I wish I were Italian”. During his law studies, Thomas went to Parma, Italy for a year. Here he discovers the splendor of Italian architecture and art.
He later writes about this particular experience: “Paintings that look so appetizing you would want to be part of them. Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni in Una giornata particolare. Italians who were born with taste in their DNA and have made staggering contributions to art history. It makes me realize that a search for beauty is not a waste of time but a very valuable use of your time.”

Colors get a starring role in this series. Names of colors often have a link to an Italian city, region or artist (Venetian red, Capri blue, Magenta,…). The artist gives them an abstract role in certain parts of a painting and they are deliberately separated from any figurative connotation.



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