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Arne Reinaert

Painter, ° 1966

°1966 – +2019 (Leuven)

During the first ten years, Arne Reinaert mainly sought in his paintings and installations strong forms of expression to reflect the ever-present conflicts between civilization and nature, rationality and emotion.
In his last works, however, he went in search of more universal forms. Shapes that appear recognisably “pre-programmed” in human perception or occur in natural phenomena (on a micro- and macrocosmological scale) but which have never before been made perceptible to the senses. The basis is a personal philosophical approach in which science (particle physics, theoretical physics, astronomy, neurophysiology, biology, evolution theory, economics, sociology, politics, etc.) cplays a leading role.
Arne Reynaert portrayed man as an ego-centric and locked-up entity between order and chaos, between singularity and diversity. He placed universal man as a physicist who seeks the balance between matter and anti-matter or as a quantum physicist who has to accept that his perception depends exactly on his perception and is therefore not measurable. The painted figures are often literally absorbed in the matter on the canvas, or they only take shape because they are saved from the matter.
The result is contemporary visual work that on the one hand appeals to the subconscious in man and on the other challenges his (conscious) ratio.


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