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Dimitri Vanderhaeghen

painter, ° 1974

°1974, lives and works in Brussels (BE)

Dimitri Vanderhaeghen (born 1974 in Ghent) a graduate in painting at the Academy in Ghent in 2012, paints in acrylic on canvas with his own energetic brushstrokes. His subjects are put on canvas in bright colors on a dark background referring to expressionism and fauvism. Landscapes, portraits, crowds and elements of the plants are often recurring subjects.

His portraits and “little people” are alienating. These works have something disturbing, without specifying too much. Their facial expressions are bizarre and rarely soothing. Man as an imperfect, enigmatic, mysterious, vulnerable, silly, disarming, hypocritical being. It indicates the strong powers of observation of this artist. His work makes us think about several renowned artists such as Edvard Munch, James Ensor, Asger Jorn, Ernst-Ludwig Kirchner, Emil Nolde, Jean Dubuffet and Vincent Van Gogh.

Recently, Dimitri started a drawing course at the Academy of Anderlecht.


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