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Mark Boekaert

Painter, ° 1941

Works and lives in Eeklo (BE).

Mark Boekaert combines acrylic paint, Chinese ink and various layers of paper from Nepal and India in his paintings. This gives his work a very individual character, which, although abstract, is nevertheless accessible.

In addition to a striking decorative quality, the paintings display a strong suggestiveness based on unmistakable symbolism on the one hand, and surprising shape and color patterns on the other, which send the imagination in many ways.

More complex and simpler patterns are used over the years in Mark Boekaert’s oeuvre as if it’s a kind of wave movement. His current works originated in a period of austerity, both in form and colour. They are mainly monochrome. The fairly austere design dialogues with the chaotic, organic structure of the paper. There are numerous references to Georges Braque’s cubism while the symbolism refers to Kazimir Malevich and his famous painting “Black Square” on White Background (1913).


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