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Sébastien Theys

Painter, Streetartist, Graphic Artist, ° 1986

Lives and works in Andenne (BE)

Sébastien is a self-taught Belgian artist who lives in Andenne. He combines his dayjob as a graphic designer with his artistic practice. He paints an abstract and colourful universe inspired by urban art. His art is represented by a cartoonish touch with a black band that energetically splits his canvases to give a dynamic and recognizable side to his works.

The flat colours are generally represented by pink, yellow and blue. Each new canvas allows him to express himself with spraypaint, spashes of colors and fields in contrasting colors.  His art leaves it up to the viewer to interpret what he or she wants and to escape into the different coloured spaces. However, the artist often interprets his works as a journey into himself, the black bar representing a time line that passes, letting memories evaporate.


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