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Lisa Spillebeen

Painter, product designer, ° 1989

Lives and works in Izegem (BE)

Lisa is visual storyteller at heart. She translates and narrates the creative process into 1 image or product. There is always a tension in it, a nervousness that is intriguing, yet innocent and playful. Her medium (painting, illustration, design, …) can vary, but the game remains recognizable.

Curator Theun Vonckx writes about her work:

​”In Lisa Spillebeen’s paintings, the use of explicit colors and subtle graphic details stand out. Minimal figurative interventions enrich her abstract canvases.
Her art crosses existing boundaries. There are no more defined categories. Only her own universe still exists.
Urban, skilled and architectural. Neither impressionist nor expressionist. A language of her own. Warm and direct.”



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