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Saskia Weyts

Painter, ° 1964

Lives and works in Brussels (BE)

In a house in a rural village near Obidos, Portugal, Saskia Weyts holds a studio. In the quiet of this vast landscape and with the ocean nearby, she created her inner cosmos series – Les séries “Cosmos/Intérieur”.
Saskia observes, she explores, she touches, she feels, she marvels and feeds. And one day, in her Portugueze studio, she begins to draw and paint fragments of this great whole surrounding her. The landscape, the sky, the ocean all come together in her creations.
Her paintings become a place for the gaze, the paintings are hosts, a place in which the living spirit can travel and seek for itself. The paintings in this series are thus made of rapid and precise gestures which transpose the act of natural creation into an act of pictorial creation. A place for the human mind to live in.


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