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Muriel Princen

Painter, ° 1972

Lives and works in Leuven

When she’s not in her studio, Muriel works as a therapist for young people in youth care. A job that requires strong emotional skills which gives her inspiration for her paintings.  As a therapist, the artist is touched by the search for connection and the power of vulnerability of others. These themes are strongly affecting her work in a way that painting for the artist herself can be seen as therapeutic.

Muriel Princen says about her work:

“In my work, I start from concrete reality and the often elusive inner world of emotions and desires. I try to translate what moves me daily in people’s stories to the canvas. This is also a common thread throughout my works. I paint people in everyday life, what occupies them, themes such as identity and the search of the “I” in relation to the others and to the environment. A vulnerability emanates from the figures, but also a strength.”

In the tradition of the old masters, Muriel paints with oil on canvas. Oilpaint has the feature to dry rather slowly, this gives the artist the time to search for individuality of the depicted, the oilpaint wants her to be patient, time will reveal the true soul of the ones portrayed.




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