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Nele Van Canneyt

Photographer, ° 1973

Lives and works in Kortrijk (BE).

During her travels Nele Van Canneyt is searching for other cultures and their inconspicuous actions or everyday events. Nothing is put in scene here. Tight compositions with lines and coloured fields create mystery and suspense.

For her series “As if the day never excisted” she wrote: “When the daylight has disappeared, I feel surrounded by atmosphere. Sounds are different, there’s more silence in my head. At that moment I forget the day. As if the day never existed.”

The night will frighten some, inspire others like Nele. When the daylight has disappeared, new nuances appear, hidden details that should not see the light of day, or cannot. It takes an artist to reveal them. To draw our attention to what is happening in the semi-darkness in a subtle but almost imperceptible way.