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Hadrien Loumaye

painter, ° 1999

Lives and works in Brussels (BE).

Hadrien Loumaye’s work is all about the relationship between gesture and colour. The various color arrangements in his paintings are given shape by the artist’s physical movements. He wants the viewer to experience certain emotions. Hadrien expresses his artistic practice through different forms, from drawings to paintings and murals. He intertwines these different scales and approaches these artistic disciplines differently.

The artist has a specific production method, each painting can be a variation of the same composition in many new forms. The serial presentation of the same subject makes it possible to modify perceptions of the viewer. Furthermore, this approach allows playing with saturated color palettes. A rather small still life of a bouquet of flowers evolved into a large abstract painting in which the fragmented flower petals seem to form waves and movement.  In his most recent work Hadrien explores the minimal art of color field paintings in a very subtle way.



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