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Lebuïn D'Haese

Sculptor, ° 1956

Lives and works in Hoboken (BE)

Lebuïn D’Haese makes images about people like you and me, who each carry their own story with them. He makes that inner world visible to us on the outside. Sometimes with a metaphorical addition to the figure but always through expression and body language.
Lebuïn models and constructs with slabs of clay that, once mixed in the desired color combination, are rolled out and cut into strips. These strips are used to build up a sculpture – literally – from scratch. Thereafter, incised forms are filled in with oxides and glazes. These forms tell the story in an abstract way, in a way that hieroglyphics do. Finally, the result goes into the oven. Clay is not always the final product, but can also be an intermediate for a bronze sculpture.


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