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Dan Arcus Laurentiu

Painter, ° 1982

Lives and works in Brussels (BE)

The Romania born artist writes on his website:

“I take inspiration from images taken from online newspapers or social media and archives and re-manipulate them to recreate a different and unique image. I create an amalgam between reality and the imaginary. These images taken out of their context are then brought together in a digital collage which is used as a basis for a drawing or a painting.
My artistic exploration develops on two intertwined directions. The psychological impact of the image and the technical means to achieve an emotional response. The different mediums are manipulated with a variety of tools and the random results of spontaneous gestures are then either enhanced or erased, scratched or diffused until they start to make sense in a story that evolves alongside with the composition itself. Some become figurative, other remain abstract but each image will eventually become appropriated by the viewer if decorticated enough through emotional and personal life experience.”


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