Increased demand for private art rental

In the last year, a lot had changed in the way we live. From our workplace to how we meet up with friends and family and even the way we shop.

But another Covid quarantine effect is a remarkable rise in quests for art at home. To be exact, at Bernice, we have seen an increase in demand for artrental by private clients.

While home decor globally increased in sales in te last few months, living rooms and particularly home offices are now getting more attention than ever. We spend more time indoors due to the stay-at-home measures and so the design of our private space becomes top of our mind.

Renting art is an easy, accessible and cheap way to add a new vibe to your home. The images below are some fine examples of art in the homes of some new Bernice customers.

Geometric art with straight lines and bright color fields can make a difference in your living room. It creates a calm space with an artistic touch. Art by Felix Hannaert and Alex De Bruycker. (text continues under images)

tl 1.JPG

Beo Architecten 1.JPG

Don't be afraid to add coloful art. A painting with an African vibe brings energy to this sitting area with high ceilings in an Antwerp mansion. A nature inspired painting in pink gives depth to a wall in this dining room. Paintings by Benedicte Vandewattyne and Anne Mariƫn. (text continues under the images)



Combining a traditional interior and a modern work of art works. This unexpected combination makes the room look exting and fresh. Art by Peggy Wauters (text continues under image)

VDL-Peggy Wauters 2.jpg

Lift up that white room in your home office with a bright painting. An inspiring work of art is an ideal conversation starter for a video call and a surprise for the meeting attendees. Art by Arne Reynaert and Dominique Van Royen

IMG_5604 - 1.jpg

VDL-Dominique Van Royen.jpg

Do you need help in picking the right artwork for your private space? Contact us for information and advice.