Art at the notary's office

The importance of art in the workspace is not underestimated in the office of notary Moyersoen in the city center of Aalst (BE). Art is already present in the offices and often triggers conversations with the clientele. A bright blue triptich by the late artist Lucas Van Schuylenbergh adds color to the walls.

However, a finishing touch for the large meeting room and at the notary's desk is still missing. Our help is called in. Out of over 800 works of art in our collection, Mr. and Mrs. Moyersoen choose their favorites.

Only two weeks later we flawlessly install 2 paintings and a wall sculpture. We tell the story behind the artworks and leave the client with extra information about the artists. In an email, this enthusiastic customer informs us that the artworks bring new energy to their office. That's why we do it.



left: painting by Leo Jacobs right: wall sculpture by Magda Dalek

under: painting by Yves Velter