Art makes a sustainable workplace

When a business is strongly committed to sustainability, a Sustainability Officer monitors the policy and sets objectives to keep the company's ecological footprint as small as possible.

Art can help with that.

Rent a corporate art collection

Renting an art collection has many benefits. It keeps your team motivated, productive and inspired and creates a professional business image. Bernice offers a yearly rotation of your corporate rental collection. This gives a new look-and-feel to the workplace and there's no need to buy the latest trends in office decoration every now and then. (text continues under the image by Johan Clarysse)


Connect with local artists

By paying a fee to the artists as their work is rented, our clients support young emerging talents. Artist Marjolein Labeeû explains in this interview how this fee helps her to develop her art.

Customized piece of art

Why not using your office walls to have a customized piece in your branding colors? Bernice helps you to find the right artist who fits with your office style. This could also give you a tailor-made way to extend your company’s marketing message and the result looks great on social media!

Sustainable themed artworks

A growing number Bernice artists are addressing sustainability issues not just in the theme of their works, but in the practise of their art making. Each brings their own style, from the materials they use to the wide-ranging concepts they cover. Magdalena Dalek, Johan Clarysse, Stef De Brabander and Luc Vandervelde are all working with this theme or making their art with used materials. Their art can be rented or purchased.


Bureau Tom.jpg


Get in touch and see how art can make your office sustainable.