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Hans Bruyneel's (° 1959, Ghent) paintings are reflections of images he finds in albums, magazines and film recordings.

In an interview with Marc Holthof, Hans explains that, like most of his 21st-century contemporaries, he does not adopt the attitude of a "square airist" from the 19th century. He is not the artist who starts painting in the middle of a landscape. “I am not really a landscape artist,” he says, “I do not try - as you often see in the 19th century - to display the energy of the landscape, the sea or the sky through my brush energetic strokes. I don't do all of that. " (text continues under the image - "Looking at the border" - oil on canvas - 150x110 cm)

Looking at the Border_150x110.jpg

His paintings are therefore artificial screens, images of landscapes that appear on a canvas. They are landscapes in which every link to a physical reality was broken by the artist. (text continues under the image - "The Search" - oil on canvas - 100x160 cm)


It is this duality that fascinates the viewer. The canvases of Hans Bruyneel often bear a certain drama, which is supported by his striking use of color. The landscapes are recognizable but non-existent, just like the characters in his paintings. The staged figures look away and do not stare into the spaces where the paintings are installed. The latter is important in a business environment. (text continues under the image - "The Royal Palace" - oil on canvas - 75x65 cm)

Hal - Hans Bruyneel.jpg

Businesses often choose striking colors to give their meeting rooms or reception areas a dynamic look. The colors on Hans Bruyneel's works are perfect in combination with the traditional black office furniture and white walls. The topics are never offensive but intriguing and allow personal interpretations of employees and visitors.

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