Art rental, what does it cost?

When we are asked how much renting an art collection costs, we cannot but answer: "it depends on what artworks you like".

Art rental for your home or office can be anything from double figures to four figures per year. It all depends on the prices of the works and the type of contract agreed.

Let's say you love this beautiful painting below and you want it for your business or private space.

"Antwerp Left Bank" is painted by the Antwerp based artist Celle Van Haverbeke. The dimensions of the paining are 90x80 cm and the purchase price is 1.500€

The yearly rental fee for this painting is only 270€ and it includes transport, installation, all-risk insurance and a fee for the artist. Art rental is 100% tax deductible for businesses. Prices mentioned are exclusive 21% VAT.

Are you thinking about buying the painting after a year? Then your paid rental fee will deducted from the purchase price.

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