Sculptures by Matthias De Wolf need some explaining

It is difficult to classify the art of Matthias De Wolf. In brief, his work is a 3D printed sculpture. A print, as it were, as proof that the original installation on which they are based did actually exist.

Matthias De Wolf lives and works in Bruges and is part of Artist Studio De Tank. His space is located on the "Burg", where the artist enjoys one of the most beautiful views of the old town.

As a sculptor, Matthias questions the position of the individual in his socio-economic and socio-cultural environment. His scultpures tell a story and the artist expects the viewer to make up a story just as much when looking at the sculptures.

The artist invariably starts with a life-size sculpture of a figure, man or woman, partly in clay, partly with clothing, shoes, wigs and trouvailles that make the scene lifelike. Elements in clay are kept rough, the pose of the figure and the questions this raises takes precedence over the level of finishing.

The image below shows one of the original sculptures in the series "Where Am I". This woman seeks her meaning of life in various everyday scenes: at the hairdresser, at her desk,... (text continues below the photo)

Where am i original.jpg

When done, this sculpture is carefully scanned, after which the artist gets on with a 3d printer. Meanwhile, the original sculpture is completely dismantled and a new scene in the series can be started.

The result of the 3D printer is a very detailed copy of the original, which no longer exists at that time. With its smaller dimensions (30x20x10cm) the print is a witness to a lost creation and suitable for mounting on the wall.

Where Am I.JPG