Bart Vandevijvere


Bart Vandevijvere's abstract painterly quest is a balancing act between controlling and letting go. Control stands for ratio: insight and the ability to manipulate. Letting go, on the other hand, opens cracks through which the external forces creep in. Those external forces are his circumstances: the recalcitrance of the paint, the physical laws, the stars. The entire composing concept is based on the loop, on the cycle of coming and going, cause and effect. Bart Vandevijvere is able to swing between construction and dismantling and vice versa, between demolition and extension. Patterns dissolve, composition models seem to unfold and unfold. He enters the field of tension where the disintegration of the composition is a dissection, in which through trial and error he gets a grip on a number of processes, which nevertheless remain full of mystery. In this area he simultaneously finds a source of inspiration and an ally in contemporary (improvisation) music.

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