Cecilia Jaime

º1962 www.ceciliajaime.com

Visual artist Cecilia Jaime has lived and worked in Ghent since 1989, where she continued to develop her career over the past 30 years. This manifests itself in various disciplines, namely sculptures, drawings, photos, videos and paintings. She grew up in northwest Argentina, where the period of Argentine censorship in the 1970s was very much present. A new batch flooded Latin America in the 1980s with "liberating" literature, plays and TV shows. This has influenced her oeuvre. Very revolutionary for her time she was concerned with subjects as; feminism, migration and even global warming. Today she regularly returns to her motherland. There she gets inspired by everyday life and the many journeys. She gets in touch with Argentine nature and paints the colorful Yungas = the jungles of Tucamán.

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