Franky DC (Deconinck)


In the mid-1980's Franky D.C enters the art scene with a bang! In 1983 he becomes a laureate of the Jeune Peinture Belge. He paints on canvas, often animals, in a grotesque enlargement - two colossal inflated salamanders, a giant albino rabbit - and always with the same thick brushstrokes. In 1985 he tackles flags, usually the Belgian tricolor. Soon after he exchanged the flag for X-rays (his radiocons) and around 1990 he started to process old paintings, sometimes amateur paintings he found at flea markets, but also a decent and not unkind bourgeois portrait that probably's worth quite some money. Franky D.C provides a different reply for each fund. He provides the flag with a powerful, emblematic motif in oil paint. He paints the X-rays with smaller motifs in lacquer paint, sheet by sheet, after which he assembles them into an often complex image puzzle. And he covers the old (figurative) paintings with abstract colored shapes and surfaces, which cover the painting as a kind of formalistic 'eczema'. (source: De Witte Raaf)

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