A Request for Art Consulting

An Antwerp based insurer asked for our advice on their corporate art collection. Over the years this company collected art from many Belgian known and lesser- known artists. Now the time has come to question the destination for all the objects collected.

Which artworks were meant to keep? Which objects should be installed in their own offices? What is the value of the collection and should it be stored in specialized warehouses? Is a restauration recommended for the more expensive pieces? Many questions which we managed to answer.

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art consulting 1.jpg

art consulting 2.jpg

The insurer collected over 400 pieces of art. Some of high value, others less worthy. We checked the condition of all the objects and made a detailed digital inventory. We took a photo of almost every object and valued every piece.

A part of the overall belgian contemporary collection is now safely wrapped and labeled and ready to be transported to a specialised warehouse. (text continued under the images)



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