"Color is my religion"

Thibo Moreels (°1986) is a young artist living in Tielt (BE).
He paints, draws and recreates sculptures. All his creatures are made in the artist's own special universe.

16 sculptures will be shown both online and in the exhibition space Nylonfabrik in Sint-Niklaas from 9-21 December. On weekdays from 9-17h. On Saturday from 10-12h. Closed on Sunday. (text continues below the image)


"Color is my religion" is a series created by the artist to question our religious heritage and experience. Used traditional sculptures bought in second hand shops get a make-over in explosive and fluorescent colors. A classic "Maria with child" under a glass bell jar that could be found on every grandmother's cupboard becomes an eye-catcher with a humorous twist.

All 16 available sculptures are pictured below. From December 9th onwards, we will post a sculpture and its purchase price every day on instagram. Prices vary between € 25 and € 650. First come first served.

Mummified Religion + stolp -SOLD.jpg

Clown Jesus rb 200.jpg

Traveller 600.jpg

Heilige Jozef 300.jpg

Mummified Religion2.jpg

Blinde Uil 200.jpg

Samba Jesus 2-SOLD.jpg

Mummified Religion3.jpg

Childhood blue 450.jpg

Bertje 120.jpg

Bone Arte 450.jpg

Clown Jesus breidraad 200.jpg

Childhood yellow 280-SOLD.jpg

Samba Jesus ovaal 400.jpg

Mummified Religion1-formatSOLD.jpg

Konijn 250.jpg

Visit us:

Bernice - Nylonfabrik, Lindenstraat 90b - 9100 Sint-Niklaas

Mail us:

Anik@bernice.be of Jamie@bernice.be