"Broken Dreams" by EugeenHerman - Photography exhibition @Bernice

More than 25 years ago Eugeen Vangroenweghe (1963) and Herman Van Heoy (1960), two enthusiastic photographers, got together and started their venture. The photo-studio Verne was borne ! From their genuine passion for aesthetics and inspiring photography, they each approach and capture images from a different angle. As such, being complementary in their joint drive for perfection.

From the very start, both of them believed in uniting their very disciplines of photography by using light and emotion as a common driver. Their portfolio shows a diverse range of skills and visual experiences. Their drive for perfection using distinct places and people allowed Verne to build on its reputation which is now being well recognised in the photography scene both locally and internationally.


"Broken Dreams" is an endless story over the sweet madness that takes us over once we care for someone and subsequently loose our love. The series was created during the scare spare moments of EugeenHerman and is part of their non-commercial oeuvre. The models in the shootings, are being portrayed on casual and relaxed manner on exotic locations.

EugeenHerman shows us the other side of the female ideal body. It tells a story of unexpected side effects of the perfect life, such as tiredness, addiction, unbearable lightness of being and every day realism. The images are strong in composition and light plays an important role. The aesthetics are sometimes in sharp contract to harsh reality. The spectator is lured by the image and its atmosphere the photographers wanted to capture.

Eugeen and Herman don't disclose who created and shot which picture. Given their symbioses it is of less importance. Uniqueness and quality of the works is more important to them then personal interest and fame.