Anne Lea Van Hoof

Years ago, Ann Lea Van Hoof, then dissatisfied with her paintings, fully questioned herself and found in the studio of FĂ©lix Hannaert (artist in the Bernice collection) the context that would enable her to undertake new experiments and the content of her work and reeconsider her paintings. This maturation led her to leave figuration and try at first a pictorial language in which the instinctual gesture prevailed, and translating energy, refusal, violence, vulnerability or meditation into a sometimes bright, sometimes dark space. Anne Lea is questioning space - how to translate infinity into a finite surface - which is accompanied by a haunting questioning of time. Far from any representational intention, Ann Lea's recent work is the expression of the almost identically repeated gesture and of the certainty that it can be infinite in both time and space. Anne Lea mainly works in acrylic paint on paper or on canvas.

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