Zoon Van De Schrijnwerker

ยบ1974 www.instagram.com/zoon_van_de_schrijnwerker

Nico (Lucien) de Kind lives and works in Ghent. As the son of a carpenter he grew up in the Ghent canal zone. He studied graphic design and publicity. Inspired by elements from an urban environment (logos, pop, subculture, skate), he creates his own visual language with color areas and sleek lines. The wood on which he creates his works is processed in such a way that it contributes to the geometric imagery of this artist. The light brown color of the wood plays its role. The artist carves and cuts the wooden surface into a shape with the aim of fully supporting the pictorial - colored lines and figures. The result is a graphic and minimalist work of art with contrasting colors. The artwork's dimensions are limited but they have a big impact on the wall.

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