Tatjana Gerhard

ยบ1974 www.tatjanagerhard.com

In the last couple of years, Tatjana Gerhard has created a very personal, remarkable painterly oeuvre. First of all, we may observe that her work in a formal sense is quite unusual. Her paintings are small to medium-sized and brushed in thinly applied oil paint that often is being wiped out afterwards. They are all untitled. The images are figurative, almost archaic and naive. The figurative world she evokes in her oil paintings is alienating, even if it is reminiscent of the many uncanny worlds in which we grow up and live: tales, fantasies, dreams, stories, etc. Again and again and without discernible preparation she confronts herself with a white canvas and starts to apply the oil paint. Doing so and while painting she invents the world that is so typically hers.(source: Deweer Gallery)

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