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Philip Verbruggen

Painter, sculptor, ° 1960

Lives and works in Oostende (BE)

Philip Verbruggen studied photography and film at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. What is immediately striking about Philip Verbruggen’s oeuvre is the anthropomorphic slant he employs. The human characteristics that he projects on animals are characteristics that he finds on the fringes of (human) society.

Verbruggen gets those elements from sado-masochists, mercenaries, night owls, hookers, junkies, etc.
For his paintings, his photographed figures are placed in a new setting that refers to the human characteristics he has given the animal.

For his sculptures and dioramas, Verbruggen uses existing images of animals that he costumises; he paints them and adds elements to them. The added elements are taken from the world of heraldry, medieval alchemists, tattoos, military emblems, and contemporary iconography, etc.