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Nete Yde Olsen

Painter, ° 1967

Lives and works in Brussels (BE)

Nete ​​Yde Olsen was born in Denmark in 1967 but she’s living in Brussels for over 30 years. In her paintings raw nature is a symbol of the inner landscape, the human soul. Using the elements earth, night, air, ice and water, she digs down, to the roots, back to the basis of human existence. Water in all its forms appears in her works, it seeps through the ice between the crystals and pebbles. After a period of violence, volcanic eruptions, lava flows, there comes a need for purity and calm, calming and searching for color. For more recent paintings in the Bernice collection she explored the Belgian “Mining and Charcoal” history and she made a series of bunkers in soft pink and grey. The brushstrokes are powerful, expressive and fast.