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Kobe De Peuter

Painter, ° 1979

Lives and works in Barcelona (ES)

Kobe De Peuter initially paints portraits and reviews films. Film, a medium that still fascinates him to this day, is pre-eminently the medium in which light plays a crucial role. Light can completely change the atmosphere of a scene, and with it its meaning. It gives a surrealistic, emotional charge to the perceived reality.

The fascination for light is clearly expressed in the paintings of De Peuter. Store windows, shopping malls and modern spaces play a prominent role in the artist’s oeuvre. His work questions the value of today’s consumer society. The work looks very detailed and almost photo-realistic. The brush strokes are rarely visible in the shiny spaces. Only on closer inspection does the constructed nature of the depicted space become visible. Strange perspectives, impossible light incidence and reflections, De Peuter’s spaces are untenable. The often human-less environment, which nevertheless radiates the essence of mankind in all its facets, shows the (im)possibility of a manufacturable society.

De Peuter’s most recent paintings are often very large in size, in which he gradually abandons all reference to figurative elements. As a viewer, you seem to drown in the image. This pixilated representation of the subject results in a total or partial abstraction of the subject.