Bernice will regularly exhibit the work of the most promising artists in a solo- or groupshow.

The selection will be based on the potential and recent achievements of the artists. This way, we want to help new and experienced collectors in exploring emerging talent. The exhibitions take place in the Nylonfabrik in Sint-Niklaas, where Bernice houses since early 2016.

This space is a unique environment to present three-dimensional works aswell as paintings or photography. Each exhibition is introduced by a vernissage/opening. Offering visitors a drink, we will give information about the presented works. During the opening the audience will also have the chance to meet the artists in an informal way.


Upcoming Exhibitions

13-26 November 2019

Inge Cornil - Ocean Works (visits by appointment only - mail to:

Invitation Opening OCEAN WORKS (002).jpg

Past exhibitions

May 16th - 26th 2019 - Nele Van Canneyt - Moon

©NVC_beeld uitnodiging_14x20.jpg

15 December 2018 Jelle Van Hulle - KOP - Photography for the good cause

Mediabeeld groot.jpg

16-26 November 2017 Veerle Beckers, Hans Everaert and Yves Velter - Paintings Bernice_ExpoNovember_V2-01.jpg

17-27 May 2017 Eugeenherman - Photography "Broken Dreams"


10-20 November 2016 Jeroen Molenaar & Maria Dukers

Visual uitnodiging.jpg

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